Subtypes throughout the Socion [Examples]

white-male-1871380_960_720Many people have troubles with recognizing the ways how the subtypes differ amongst each other in Socionics. Some people find the subtype theory unnecessary or flawed, thinking there is no value in making such distinctions. Personally, I am a fan of the theory, because I find it can make sense of the different ways certain individuals express their sociotype.

The following overview gives an example of each (Inert or Contact) subtype per socionics type. Some types have both one male and one female example. (I am trying to complete the overview over time.) Here is more theoretical background to the strengths and weaknesses of the subtypes.

Of course this overview only reflects how I interpret the types in Socionics. Having a look at this overview probably gives you primarily a better idea on how I type. I always strive for utmost accuracy when it comes to typing, so I hope I came close enough with it here. Click on the “x” to be directed to the video example.


ILE-Ne [x]
ILE-Ti [x] [x]

LII-Ti [x]
LII-Ne [x]

ESE-Fe [x] [x]
ESE-Si [x] [x]

SEI-Si [x]
SEI-Fe [x] [x]


SLE-Se [x] [x]
SLE-Ti [x]

LSI-Ti [x]
LSI-Se [x]

EIE-Fe [x] [x]
EIE-Ni [x] [x]

IEI-Ni [x] [x]
IEI-Fe [x] [x]


LIE-Te [x] [x]
LIE-Ni [x]

SEE-Se [x] [x]
SEE-Fi [x] [x]

ESI-Fi [x] [x]
ESI-Se [x] [x]

ILI-Ni [x] [x]
ILI-Te [x] [x]


IEE-Ne [x]
IEE-Fi [x] [x]

LSE-Te [x]
LSE-Si [x] [x]

SLI-Si [x] [x]
SLI-Te [x] [x]

EII-Fi [x] [x]
EII-Ne [x]

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