How to Improve your Sexual Instinct


At the foundation of my self-improvement ethos, I urge people to focus on improving their instincts (Sexual, Social, Self-Preservation), because they are strongly tied to your perception of the world, your ego identity (Enneagram type), and your personal well-being. Especially the first instinct needs to be paid particular attention (then the second, then the third). If your first instinct is Sexual, you definitely need to employ activities and strategies which nurture and improve that instinct, especially if you are single! (Because then you are at your most vulnerable; or alternatively, if you are in a toxic relationship.)

I have come up with an overview that is ideal for people who are Sexual instinct first, but it also gives advice on what to do if this is your second or third instinct.

Bildschirmfoto 2019-08-01 um 17.18.45

The pdf-file contains a description of the instinct (as you can see above) and two tables which give examples on how to improve or harm the sexual instinct. The last page provides a Beginner’s Schedule for improving your Sexual instinct if it is your first instinct. Following that schedule (or a similar one), you should notice a considerable increase in your personal well-being.

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If you join the FB group, you have a chance to get this for free. 😉

If you need help determining your instinctual stacking (=order of your instincts), book a “Get Type•d” Session with me. If you turn out to be Sx first, you’ll get the pdf for free!

If you’d like to create a customized schedule with me, book a “Type•Coaching” Session with me.


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