Archetype: The Actor

84th Academy Awards

The Actor is closely related to The Entertainer, for both commonly occupy similar or even identical social roles (in the entertainment industry). The main difference is, that The Actor climbed the social ladder quite significantly, and that was their intention (even if they won’t admit this openly). Furthermore, they are much more concerned with environmental and social issues, and tend to broadcast their humanitarian efforts and similar, by donating to certain organizations, travelling to third world countries, and so forth. Obviously, the lines between The Entertainer and Actor can be somewhat blurry, for Entertainers may use their wealth for good as well. Another crucial difference, is that The Entertainer on some level feels uncomfortable with their superior social standing; they can have bouts of wanting to be seen as a “regular” person, or they may emphasize their “normal human self” at times. Whereas The Actor is generally comfortable with their role as someone of the elite, and the prospect of fame and acknowledgment is something they find stimulating. Or put simply, every Actor dreams of winning an Oscar, while The Entertainer usually does not care about it.

The typological profile of The Actor is:

Instinctual Stacking: So/Sp (Contraflow)

That is truly the only common denominator amongst Actors – them being So/Sp. Many of them can be a sort of Actor-Entertainer hybrid (e.g George Clooney, Leonardo DiCaprio), for they are also Gamma SF and Type 3 like The Entertainer. But their focus on social and environmental matters, as well as the desire for fame itself, distinguishes them from The Entertainers.

Of course not every So/Sp individual becomes an Actor. It takes a specific interest and talent in the arts (esp. performing arts), and typically a childhood spent amongst people (esp. family) from the entertainment industry.

Also, not everyone of them becomes an A-List celebrity like e.g Brad Pitt. Many of them are primarily musical and/or TV actors, like Aaron Tveit.

At last, obviously not every Actor is So/Sp. A variation of this “core” Archetype is the Sx/So actor (e.g Angelina Jolie, Marlon Brando) and even Sp/Sx actor (e.g Ryan Gosling). Those actors do not fit as neatly into the Archetype, and often have felt a bit left out or different or prefer to not be in the limelight too often. They surely stick out from the crowd of So/Sp Actors.

In general, most Actors are Contraflow.

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