I offer you the following services:

  • Get Type•d. I type your Jungian type (including Socionics and TVT) OR Enneagram, in a one-on-one Google Hangout or Skype session that takes around an hour. You’ll receive a personalized pdf-file with your functional strengths and weaknesses OR the order of your Enneagram types, your instincts, and Enneagram health level.
  • Get Type•d PLUS. I type both your Jungian/TVT and Enneagram types on two separate occasions, for a special discounted price!
  • Type•Coaching / Type•Consulting.
    • Help you with a specific situation (coaching) OR answer personality type questions (consulting) with my knowledge of personality theory (#Jung, #Socionics, #Enneagram)
    • Break limiting beliefs created by your Enneagram type and improve its health level, in order to reach higher life satisfaction
    • Gain more awareness about your life journey/purpose and true identity, based on your personality type(s) and individual strengths, in order to self-actualise
    • Discover the kinds of people who’d be the best matches to your personality, in order to have more compatible friendships and romantic relationships
    • 1h per session. Via Chat session (text chat on Facebook)or Skype audio call if desired). First session is free! 🙂
  • Type•Coaching PLUS. This is a coaching package for a special discounted price! Each month contains 4 h, which can be divided into four 1h sessions, or eight 30min sessions. At least one session needs to be done each week for the best results.
  • Speed Typing. I type someone’s Jungian and Enneagram type(s) based on their social media/ dating profile, or based on other pictures + background info only.