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Is that YOU?

Do you keep asking yourself who you really are, which kinds of people are most compatible with you, and how to actually feel happier and more fulfilled?

Are you tired of most people talking about “personality types” without actually knowing how to use personality theory to improve their life?

Are you feeling unfulfilled or like your life is becoming meaningless? Are you scared that you will be alone or feel lonely for the rest of your life, because you simply cannot find the right kind of people for your personality? Do you feel like you are living your life on autopilot, doing pretty well in life, but somehow the satisfaction and deeper fulfillment are lacking?

Are you certain it is time to make a change?

Do you want to use personality theory to your advantage and actually develop yourself and change your life? And are you ready to go?

Then this program is for you!

After this 1:1-coaching program (7-12 weeks), you will:

  • Know the strengths, weaknesses, purpose, and values of your personality type(s)
  • Know the instinctual areas of your life that need to be focused on, in order to increase your satisfaction
  • Distinguish your Dark Side from your Light Side, aka your worst/devolved self from your best/evolved self
  • Recognize the most compatible kinds of personality types in your life
  • Unearth and reframe negative beliefs and habits that hold you back from reaching your potential

More so, if you put in the work, you will also:

  • Improve your Enneagram Health Level, so that you are at least 1 level higher on a consistent basis.
  • Improve your amount of Light Side traits, so that your life becomes brighter and better for both you and others.
    • As a plus, you will also attract healthier and more self-aware people (or positively inspire your current friends and partner in your life to become such).
  • Find and develop a romantic relationship with a highly compatible personality type.


  • Find and develop a close friendship with a highly or semi-highly compatible personality type.

Note on results:

Of course the amount of success you have with this program depends on your willingness and ability to follow the advice, take action, “do your homework” after the sessions, and show up to all the sessions.


The full program has 4 Steps, which span across 7-12 weeks (minimum), depending on your progress.

*If you only want to Get•Typed by me, then only Step 1 applies to you. However, I highly recommend you do the full program for the full benefits. If you only want to be Type•Coached by me, then we skip Step 1.*

Step 1: Knowing your Personality

1st Week

  • I type your Jungian personality type and/or Enneagram (main type, fixes, instinctual stacking) with my questionnaire that is based on my take on the cognitive functions and/or my questionnaire that is based on Enneagram
  • Two live video chats (Zoom or Skype), 1-1.5 hrs each.
  • I let you know your strengths and weaknesses, areas of improvement, etc.
  • If you want, I will send you your results in pdf-format. (see below)
  • For some coaching clients, this step can be partially or fully skipped.

Step 2: Knowing the Path

2 Weeks

  • Two live audio chat sessions (Zoom or Skype), around 1 hr each.

Step 3: Illuminating your Dark Side

2-4 Weeks

  • Two to four live audio chat sessions (Zoom or Skype), around 1 hr each.

Step 4: Transforming your Reality

2-7 Weeks

  • Five to seven live audio chat sessions (Zoom or Skype), around 1hr each.


  • Coaching is about changing your lifestyle, changing your mindset, and going out of your comfort zone – from a level of fairly good functioning.
  • If you have serious mental health issues (e.g suicidal thoughts, harmful addictions, personality disorders etc.), please go to a licensed therapist (I am not one). If I get the impression you need a therapist, I will either stop the coaching or recommend you to go to therapy alongside the coaching.
  • At this point, I do NOT offer specific coaching for (aspiring) personality coaches/practitioners or personality YouTubers. I might do this later in the future. But for now, all coaching and consulting sessions are only about an individual’s own personal(ity) development or understanding.


Read about more clients’ experiences here.

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