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Is that YOU?

Do you keep asking yourself who you really are and how to actually feel happier and more fulfilled?

Are you tired of most people talking about “personality types” without actually knowing how to use personality theory to improve their life?

Do you feel like you are living your life on autopilot, doing okay in life, but somehow the satisfaction and deeper fulfillment are lacking?

Are you certain it is time to make a change?

Do you want to use personality theory to your advantage and actually develop yourself and change your life? And are you ready to go?

Then this is for you!

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Ask me a detailed question about personality type theory and your situation, which I will answer in a longer email.

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Note: I won’t type your personality type here, for that please look below.


  • I type your Jungian personality type and/or Enneagram (main type, fixes, instinctual stacking) with my questionnaire that is based on my take on the cognitive functions and/or my questionnaire that is based on Enneagram
  • Two live video chats (Skype), 1-1.5 hrs each.
  • I let you know your strengths and weaknesses, areas of improvement, etc.
  • If you want, I will send you your results in pdf-format.
  • For some coaching clients, this step can be partially or fully skipped.

After 1:1 Type•coaching with me (4-12 sessions), you will:

  • Know the strengths, weaknesses, purpose, and values of your personality type(s)
  • Know the instinctual areas of your life that need to be focused on, in order to increase your satisfaction
  • Distinguish your Dark Side from your Light Side, aka your worst/devolved self from your best/evolved self
  • Recognize the most compatible kinds of personality types in your life
  • Unearth and reframe negative beliefs and habits that hold you back from reaching your potential

More so, if you put in the work, you will also:

  • Improve your Enneagram Health Level, so that you are at least 1 level higher on a consistent basis.
  • Improve your amount of Light Side traits, so that your life becomes brighter and better for both you and others.
    • As a plus, you will also attract healthier and more self-aware people (or positively inspire your current friends and partner in your life to become such).
  • Find and develop a romantic relationship with a highly compatible personality type.


  • Find and develop a close friendship with a highly or semi-highly compatible personality type.

Note on results:

Of course the amount of success you have with the coaching depends on your willingness and ability to share your true self, follow the advice, take action, “do your homework” after the sessions, and show up to all the sessions.

Full Program

The process begins with the assessment of your personality type (in Enneagram and/or Jungian typology) and/or your current level of personal development, or in other words how “evolved“ your personality currently is.

Based on the result of the assessment, we focus on 1-2 areas that are lacking the most:

  • You learn your natural, preferred, innate personal (Instinctual) Priorities, which form the foundation of your personal needs and desires. You also find constructive ways of meeting those needs/desires and creating a more fulfilling lifestyle. This alone can dramatically increase your sense of well-being and happiness.
  • You learn the ways how your Ego (Identity) tries to get those needs met on autopilot in the form of a certain identity structure and behavioral patterns, but often that approach is too restrictive, one-sided and does not improve your situation. You adopt more constructive methods and beliefs, which relax the limitations that your Ego puts on you. At the same time, you are also getting closer to the high side of your Ego.
  • On a similar note, you learn about the Purpose Role of your personality – the kind of social role that your personality tends to fulfill the best and that brings the most value to others (and yourself), this can be in the form of a beneficial hobby and/or career.

If you don’t do the Program…

  • Most likely you will keep learning about personality types or psychology or self-development, but without being able to apply the theory to improve your personal lifestyle, level of fulfillment and true inner confidence. So you will be stuck in a rut and most likely live a life that is unfulfilling and not suited to your true needs/ desires and “higher/evolved self”.
  • Likely you will struggle with a lack of (true) confidence, feeling unfulfilled, a negative sense of self, a lifestyle that largely stresses you out and makes you feel unhappy, and you likely won’t be able to attract a good partner or friend, feel isolated and be considered undesirable
  • Likely you will continue feeling lost/lack of direction, out of touch with yourself and who you really are, “stuck“ in your life, unfulfilled and frustrated, stressed out, feel bad about yourself, feel unattractive/unwanted/insignificant
  • Likely you will miss out on feeling confident, worthy, hopeful, inspired, joyful, in control of your life and yourself. Likely you would miss out on a more fulfilled lifestyle suited to your personality, being more attractive (and attracting good people into your life). Likely you would miss out on personal growth, motivation, a sense of direction.

But if you decide to do the Program, then:

  • You will acquire an eye-opening, unique insight into which aspects of your personality form your core and which aspects are just learned behavior or the worst/”devolved” version of your personality. This creates a mental freedom and the confidence that you have intrinsic value and it is up to you to bring it out and manifest it in the world.
  • You will be able to save time by focusing on the aspects of your personality and your lifestyle that actually matter. Based on that, you will feel more at ease, less stressed, more inspired. And you will know exactly what to do if you enter a personal rut or an odd unhealthy obsession/“loop“.
  • You will feel more self-empowered, self-aware, confident – because you will have the power to improve your life and live it according to who you really are, rather than what other people might expect of you. You will know what you need to do to create the kind of life that actually fulfills and suits you.


  • Coaching is about changing your lifestyle, changing your mindset, and going out of your comfort zone – from a level of fairly good functioning.
  • If you have serious mental health issues (e.g suicidal thoughts, harmful addictions, personality disorders etc.), please go to a licensed therapist (I am not one). If I get the impression you need a therapist, I will either stop the coaching or recommend you to go to therapy alongside the coaching.
  • At this point, I do NOT offer specific coaching for (aspiring) personality coaches/practitioners or personality YouTubers. I might do this later in the future. But for now, all coaching and consulting sessions are only about an individual’s own personal(ity) development or understanding.


Read about more clients’ experiences here.

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