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“Olimpia has masterfully incorporated the Enneagram and Jungian Cognitive functions. Her ability to distinguish each aspect of the systems is nearly as impressive as her ability to paradoxically combine them into the elaborate gestalt that is each human being. The most profound revelation was her use of the subtypes, which is a way to gauge the introversion and extraversion spectrum of a person, which it is a VERY big deal, especially in my case. After three plus years of searching for my “type” to no avail, Olimpia was the only one whose explanation brought me closest to myself which enabled me to finally make the “unconscious conscious” and better direct my own life.”

– Eugene

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“It’s so cool to put your work into action. It’s amazing just the decisions and long term value your research has in my life. Just avoiding specific subtypes by knowing in advance saves hundreds of dollars. You helped me to avoid those who would be bad for me with Imago.”

– Braxton

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“I took some time to sit on my sessions with you and your typology reports (let my Ni process everything deeply). Since your typology sessions, I have been consciously putting our session musings and your typology reports into action. I notice some sharp improvements in expressing my Fi and speaking my values and truths a lot more often. I can tell our sessions really impacted me and I definitely see true changes already from our sessions. I have even learned, thanks to your reports, I was raised to be someone I was not meant to be personality-wise. And that has been a very liberating experience to realize that learning more about my personality type and how I orient myself in my environment including my deep drives in life. The changes are happening organically, I found myself prioritizing my main cognitive functions and consciously finding strategies and actions I can take to nurture my main functions. I feel much more connected to my Fi and am much more conscious of my Te. I have been binge-watching typology discussions related to my personality type and my main cognitive functions. It feels good to have so much more clarity about myself!”

– Andy Chau

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I offer you the following services:

  • Get Type•d. I type your Jungian type (including Socionics and TVT) OR Enneagram, in a live Skype video chat that takes around an hour, based on my questionnaire. You’ll receive a personalized pdf-file with your functional strengths and weaknesses OR the order of your Enneagram types, your instincts, and Enneagram health level.
  • Get Type•d PLUS. I type both your Jungian/TVT and Enneagram types on two separate occasions, for a special discounted price!
  • Type•Coaching / Type•Consulting.
    • Help you with gaining awareness and a roadmap for a personal situation related to your personality (•Coaching) and/OR answer theoretical personality type questions and increase your understanding (•Consulting) with my knowledge of personality theory (#Jung, #Socionics, #Enneagram)
    • Break limiting beliefs created by your Enneagram type and improve its health level, in order to reach higher life satisfaction
    • Gain more awareness about your life journey/purpose and true identity, based on your personality type(s) and individual strengths, in order to self-actualize
    • Discover the kinds of people who’d be the best matches to your personality, in order to have more compatible friendships and romantic relationships
    • 30min or 1h per session. Via Chat session as a text or audio chat (on Facebook or Skype). First session is free! 🙂
  • Type•Coaching PLUS. This is a 1-month coaching package for a special discounted price! A month contains 4 hrs, which can be divided into four 1h sessions, or eight 30min sessions. At least one session needs to be done each week for the best results.
  • Speed Typing. I type someone’s Jungian and Enneagram type(s) based on their social media/ dating profile, or based on other pictures + background info only.