“I was initially interested in Olimpia’s content when I came across her YouTube channel regarding typology. I found her videos to be very informative and I really enjoyed her take on the Jungian functions and the way she smoothly introduces Socionics concepts to make the theory well rounded. Her way of explaining how the cognitive functions work was very impressive and captivating, so I decided to book a typing session with her to see her take on my personality. The experience was very pleasant and Olimpia is great at putting the client at ease and allows room for maximum self expression! It was a very fun experience and when I received my results, I was impressed with the format of the file she had prepared, explaining how each function correlated with my answers and even linking profiles of celebrities whose type is similar to mine according to her typings on her very own typing blog

Another aspect of my experience that I was impressed by was her willingness to follow up with me. We had briefly discussed my experience with the light/dark side of my functions and she had told me she was going to write an article pertaining to that, which I was looking forward to. A week later, she kept our conversation in mind and linked me the article when she published it, which shows Olimpia’s dedication to her clients and a good amount of conscientiousness.

I recommend Olimpia’s typing service if you are on your journey towards self-discovery. Type•volution has great content and apart from the typing services, I also recommend regularly checking the articles posted on as well as subscribing to Olimpia on YouTube.

Looking forward to more of Type•volution!


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“Olimpia has masterfully incorporated the Enneagram and Jungian Cognitive functions. Her ability to distinguish each aspect of the systems is nearly as impressive as her ability to paradoxically combine them into the elaborate gestalt that is each human being. The most profound revelation was her use of the subtypes, which is a way to gauge the introversion and extraversion spectrum of a person, which it is a VERY big deal, especially in my case. After three plus years of searching for my “type” to no avail, Olimpia was the only one whose explanation brought me closest to myself which enabled me to finally make the “unconscious conscious” and better direct my own life.”

– Eugene

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“I took some time to sit on my sessions with you and your typology reports (let my Ni process everything deeply). Since your typology sessions, I have been consciously putting our session musings and your typology reports into action. I notice some sharp improvements in expressing my Fi and speaking my values and truths a lot more often. I can tell our sessions really impacted me and I definitely see true changes already from our sessions. I have even learned, thanks to your reports, I was raised to be someone I was not meant to be personality-wise. And that has been a very liberating experience to realize that learning more about my personality type and how I orient myself in my environment including my deep drives in life. The changes are happening organically, I found myself prioritizing my main cognitive functions and consciously finding strategies and actions I can take to nurture my main functions. I feel much more connected to my Fi and am much more conscious of my Te. I have been binge-watching typology discussions related to my personality type and my main cognitive functions. It feels good to have so much more clarity about myself!”

– Andy Chau


“I would highly recommend Olimpia’s typing services. For a while I read through content on both the enneagram and mbti/socionics, gathering the information to type myself and others, while I have been typed for free on other boards the reasoning behind it wasn’t always fulfilling. I decided to consult Olimpia for typing after reading her articles and videos and becoming convinced through their depth and reasoning that she would be able to give an extremely accurate and informed decision on what a person’s type may be. Throughout the session Olimpia asked thought provoking questions designed to really get you to engaged with yourself and own motivations, the questions were not always easy to decipher what specific trait she was testing for, making it harder to game, better for personal development and much more accurate. Olimpia’s communication and interviewing skills make the process not only comfortable, but helpful and useful too, she has a lot of strength when it comes to reading people and understanding which questions to ask to help them truly express what they want.

Olimpia also personally writes up a pdf unique to your interview and goes over your personality profile so that you can understand yourself much deeper and even know where to improve.

I was very pleased with the interview and will also do another typing session due to the high quality of our first one, would definitely recommend !”

– Josiah


“The session was extremely insightful and had open-ended questions which gave a lot of room for the participant to describe themselves which is a big advantage when typing people. Olimpia understood each cognitive function very well and was able to put them according to my speech pattern and content. A very insightful typing service and I would highly recommend it even if you are somewhat a beginner in the theory of typology. Great experience overall.”

– Amr

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“I had an hour-long session with Olimpia and it was incredibly insightful. She is very well-versed in Socionics. For many years I’ve studied the field and have always had some gaps in my knowledge (with some uncertainty as to which functions I value), so to have someone to discuss it with was incredibly valuable, since it’s difficult to understand who you really are without some external feedback. You’ll learn what functions you value and gain different perspectives on yourself you otherwise would not have known. If you’re looking to gain clarity on your personality type or to just learn more about the subject, then sign up for a session with her! You won’t regret it.”

– George

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Get Type•d

  • I type your Jungian type (including Socionics and TVT) OR Enneagram, in a live Zoom or Skype video chat that takes around an hour, based on my questionnaire. You’ll receive a personalized pdf-file with your functional strengths and weaknesses OR the order of your Enneagram types, your instincts, and Enneagram health level.
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Get Type•d PLUS

  • I type both your Jungian/TVT and Enneagram types on two separate occasions.
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  • Break limiting beliefs created by your Enneagram type and improve its health level, in order to reach higher life satisfaction
  • Gain more awareness about your life journey/purpose and true identity, based on your personality type(s) and individual strengths, in order to self-actualize
  • Discover the kinds of people who’d be the best matches to your personality, in order to have more compatible friendships and romantic relationships
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Type•Coaching PLUS

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  • I type someone’s Jungian and Enneagram type(s) based on their social media/ dating profile, or based on other pictures + background info only.