You may know me as Mylia Noir or Olimpia. Welcome! 🙂

I have been studying Jungian Typology and Enneagram extensively since 2013, leading to me typing and coaching my clients since 2019.

I’ve talked with people and types from all over the world through Google+ Hangout, including Tom Condon and Katherine Fauvre.

This site is a collection of all kinds of (my) theories, observations and analyses of phenomena occurring in our real and unconscious world – with the help of personality type systems, such as MBTI, Enneagram, and Socionics.

My combination of the above systems results in a new (hopefully improved) collection of personality type descriptions: The TVT, Type•volution Taxonomy (work in progress).

The aim is to both understand real-life interactions and problems, as well as to improve or solve them through the wisdom of Personality Type Theory.


“My mental issues drastically improved (social anxiety, phobia, Panic attacks, Schizophrenia) after learning about being 5 Sx as a female. I’ve been to soo many therapists and found almost no relief and some even made more harm by pushing me to do things not meant for myself, I can’t believe how so many therapists aren’t aware of type. Love ur videos so helpful.”

– LittleClip (username)

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