• Who I Am: You may know me as Mylia Noir or Olimpia. Welcome! 🙂

I have been studying Jungian Typology and Enneagram extensively since 2013/2014, leading to me typing people since 2016 and coaching since 2019.

I’ve talked with people and types from all over the world through Google+ Hangout, including Tom Condon and Katherine Fauvre.

Warning: I am not a licensed therapist or psychiatrist, so please make sure you consult with one if you are suffering from serious mental health issues.

  • My Aim: This site is a collection of all kinds of (my) theories, observations and analyses of phenomena occurring in our real and unconscious world, in order to “evolve” in our personal self-development – with the help of personality type systems, such as MBTI, Enneagram, and Socionics

The aim is to both understand real-life interactions and problems, as well as to improve or solve them through the wisdom of Personality Type Theory.

My combination of the above systems results in a new (hopefully improved) collection of personality type descriptions, also including the social/purpose roles I deem most fitting and fulfilling to each type: The TVT, Type•volution Taxonomy (work in progress).


“My mental issues drastically improved (social anxiety, phobia, Panic attacks, Schizophrenia) after learning about being 5 Sx as a female. I’ve been to soo many therapists and found almost no relief and some even made more harm by pushing me to do things not meant for myself, I can’t believe how so many therapists aren’t aware of type. Love ur videos so helpful.”

– LittleClip (username)