Why Type•volution?

Our evolution has brought us here, to this time and place. But what about the time and place after this one?

Our purpose as the human species is to reach the peak of our human evolution, especially on a “soul-level“, which is also known as “self-actualization”.

On our path of evolution, we are able to heighten our value as living beings and extend our life span as a species.

As long as we evolve, we survive. As long as we evolve in the most optimal manner, our human experience is the most deeply enjoyable and fulfilling.

We evolve most optimally when we follow our purpose, fulfill our needs, and evolve our consciousness, both on the individual and collective scale.

Our world depends on YOU fulfilling your purpose, fulfilling your needs, and evolving your consciousness, and in doing so we will improve our human experience as a whole, together. This is how we bring Heaven to Earth!

There are several ways how to do this, but one of the most important ones:

Evolution through your Personality Type.


I believe that the awareness you gain about yourself with the help of personality type theory can dramatically improve and transform your quality of life and mind.

“Know Thyself”. There are many ways to know and discover hidden things about yourself – your human gifts, your human needs, your human purpose.

Type•volution can give you a great overview of all that, one of the best starting points from which you can kickstart your personal transformation. (And I hope you don’t just stop there, but go even further.)

  • Purpose: Discover a glimpse of your purpose and natural strengths by reading the descriptions of the TVT (Type•volution Types), based on Jungian personality type theories (MBTI and Socionics). (More content will follow.)
  • Beliefs: Discover and dismantle your limiting beliefs based on your Enneagram type, aka “Ego Identity”.
  • Needs: Discover your needs by following my content on the Enneagram, especially the 3 instincts.

As you overcome limiting beliefs (related to your personality types and experiences), you gain mental clarity and contentment

As you take action by utilizing your strengths (based on your individual gifts and personality types), you fulfill your purpose (based on your individual gifts and personality types) and your personal needs (based on your instincts)…

… all of which will lead to your personal evolution and therefore the evolution of the human species (one person at a time).

Evolution Through Personality Type.

Below you can read how one of my coaching clients summarized my philosophy:

Type•volution is my gift to YOU. This is how I fulfill my purpose as a Psychospiritualist.

Join the journey!

That way, you’ll come closer to improving your sense of personal fulfillment and contributing to the human species in the most mutually beneficial way possible.

About Me

You may know me as Olimpia (or previously Mylia Noir). Welcome! 🙂

I am mostly self-taught and have been learning about Jungian Typology and Enneagram and using the theories on myself in my life (so to speak) since 2013/2014, leading to me typing people since 2016 and coaching since 2019.

I’ve talked with people and types from all over the world through Google+ Hangout, including Tom Condon and Katherine Fauvre.

This site is a collection of all kinds of (my) theories, observations and analyses of phenomena occurring in our real and unconscious world, in order to “evolve” in our personal self-development – with the help of a unique blend of personality type systems, such as MBTI, Enneagram, and Socionics

The aim is to both understand real-life interactions and problems, as well as to improve or solve them through the wisdom of Personality Type Theory.


“My mental issues drastically improved (social anxiety, phobia, Panic attacks, Schizophrenia) after learning about being 5 Sx as a female. I’ve been to soo many therapists and found almost no relief and some even made more harm by pushing me to do things not meant for myself, I can’t believe how so many therapists aren’t aware of type. Love ur videos so helpful.”

– LittleClip (username)