What Type•volution Stands For


  • Always evolve and improve your personal self, lifestyle, and mindset. Or in other words: personal growth. If necessary, your old self needs to die, so your improved self can emerge.
    • In terms of Enneagram type, it’s about overcoming negative thoughts and habits that you are predisposed to, and thereby climbing up the “Health Levels“.
    • In terms of instincts, it’s about realizing what you truly need, findings ways to meet those needs, and thereby optimizing the total range of every instinct in the light side.
    • In terms of Jungian type, it’s about discovering and accepting yourself, and being the best version of your personality type, in order words being on the “Light side“ of your stronger functions
    • In general, you need to give up on your bad habits and beliefs that hold you back, and instead adopt better habits and beliefs that help you.


  • You need to find and follow your purpose, based on your personality type (see “Purpose Role“), your background, your skills, and where/when you are. Your purpose will benefit both yourself and others. You need to believe in yourself and your purpose once you have found it.


  • You also need to fulfill your instinctual needs (usually by utilizing your strengths) and follow what’s best for you and your well-being, otherwise you’ll never be content. This can include focusing on people who are closer to the “light side“ and who have more compatible personality types (usually related to instincts and Quadra).


  • No matter how much you want to grow, improve, or do better, at the end you also need to accept yourself and your personality type. There is no point in trying to be a different personality type. Jungian growth is not about trying to improve or use weak functions, but rather about maximizing your stronger functions for everyone’s benefit. For that, it also helps to be around people with more compatible personality types, as mentioned above.

Light Side

  • All of the above needs to be done from a “light side“ perspective, with “light side“ actions and behavior. It is possible to accomplish a lot and to fulfill your needs with “dark“ behavior, but ultimately that will lead to your ruin and make the world a worse place. Negative feelings are okay, as long as you see them as (temporary) warning signs and be inspired by them so that you change your life for the better.

My Story

Hey, I am Olimpia. 🙂 I can help your with your Personality Development and Matchmaking.

  • In 2013 I found personality type theory, first MBTI, then Enneagram, then Socionics.
  • In 2015/2016 started two blogs on personality types, one about my typings of celebs (V.I.P Personality Typology), one about the theory here.
  • In that time I talked with people and types from all over the world through Google+ Hangout, including Tom Condon and Katherine Fauvre.

Find my typings of celebrities and fictional characters here..

  • In 2019 I decided to start my official Type•volution YouTube channel and share what I have learned in terms of actual personal growth (with personality type theory).

Watch and subscribe to my YouTube channel here.

My Motivation

  • I believe that Type•volution, aka Personality Type Evolution/Growth, is my purpose and my primary way of elevating/“evolving“ other people or the world to the “light side“, myself included. 
  • I believe that every personality type has a “Purpose Role“, so whenever I support people following their own and finding personal fulfillment, I feel like I am helping out humanity at a fundamental level.
  • It saddens me whenever I see people wasting away, doing a job they hate, giving up on themselves or suffering internally, even if on the external they seem happy or successful. Because ultimately, I believe none of that is necessary and can be remedied.
  • Whenever I see people gaining more insight, being appreciative, sharing their victories, and growing over time, it makes me happier and my life more worthwhile.