This site is a collection of all kinds of (my) theories, observations and analyses of phenomena occurring in our real and unconscious world – with the help of Typology systems, such as Socionics, Enneagram, and MBTI.

The aim is to both understand real-life interactions and problems, as well as to improve or solve them through the wisdom of Typology and Psychology.

I do offer you the chance to get typed by me in a Skype or Google Hangout session that lasts around 1 h. (For now, I only type the Jungian and Socionics types. Enneagram coming soon!)

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My Typological Profile: IEI-Ni (Socionics). 4w5 So/Sx (Enneagram), 495 – The Contemplative (Tritype). INFJ (MBTI).