The Light & Dark Side of each Instinctual Stacking


This short overview describes the overall expression of each stacking at their light (high) and dark (low) sides. Akin to our “angel” and “devil”, “good” and “evil”, “conscious” and “unconscious” sides…

Everything in our lives can broadly fit into one of the 6 instinctual stackings, made up of the 3 instincts (Social, Sexual, Self-preservation) that drive us all (in varying degrees).

This overview can possibly aid you in recognizing your own dark/light sidesa warning that you may have to reverse the process by meeting the needs of your instincts.

(If you still struggle with typing your instinctual stacking or how to meet its needs, book a Get•Typed and/or Type•Coaching session with me!)

Sx/Sp (Sexual > Self-preservation)


The Seducer: Cultivates an attractive appearance and/or personality that entices and draws in possible suitors or their partner.


The Stalker: Obsesses over love interests, follows their every move, and cannot let go if they break up with them.

Sx/So (Sexual > Social)


The Revolutionary: With their passion leads their culture to a paradigm shift that will change the previous social norms for the better.


The Cult Leader: Uses their charisma for making people become devoted followers for self-aggrandizement purposes and/or a twisted cause.

So/Sx (Social > Sexual)


The Social Butterfly: Easily makes new friends and with their influence, social events and matters become more enriching and exciting.


The Groupie: Assimilates within the masses/society or group(s) of their choice, making their identity dependent on the group and/or becoming mind-controlled.

So/Sp (Social > Self-preservation)


The Ambassador: Employs their social connections and capital to make the world a better place to live in, for example through charity and supporting environment-friendly organizations.


The Yuppie: Uses their social rank, connections and power only for their own (social and monetary) gains.

Sp/So (Self-preservation > Social)


The Minimalist: Lives simply, but effectively, and can help others and themselves with a no-nonsense view on things.


The Slave: Is endlessly stuck in a grueling job and sees no other purpose or greater meaning to life other than to work and survive.

Sp/Sx (Self-preservation > Sexual)


The Individualist: Dances to the beat of their own drum, creates a life tailored to their own individual material and relationship needs.


The Creep: Has no sense of etiquette nor common courtesy and repels others with their contrarian and dark viewpoints.


  1. what if you are So but in social environment dominated by your conflcter? thats common for us i think. you would think you are not So…


  2. Hi Olimpia. Which are the differences in stackings by gender? For example, I see that a lot of men that are Sx/sp are the womanizer type like Hank Moody of Californication or the Incel type that is obsessed with women and lose their virginity. But women that are Sx/Sp in general are like Glenn Cose in Fatal Attraction. With borderline traits, obsessed with do a symbiosis with someone. And about the other stackings?


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