Feminine & Masculine Essences of the Enneagram Types

Each individual has their own blend of femininity and masculinity. No one is entirely masculine or entirely feminine; we all have masculine, feminine, or androgynous qualities in us, to different degrees. A way to analyze someone’s overall essence is by looking at their Enneagram type(s). Each Enneagram type is more stereotypically feminine or masculine, or both (aka androgynous).

Prince. He’s 4w3 (496), and here he embodies his strongly feminine essence quite obviously.

Masculine: 8, 7, 5
Feminine: 2, 9, 4
Androgynous: 6, 1, 3

People who have a lot of 8, 7, or 5 in their Tritype will come across as having a more masculine essence. 8s being aggressive and “gutsy”, 7s being hedonistic, 5s being detached and unemotional.

People who have a lot of 2, 9, or 4 in their Tritype will come across as having a more feminine essence. 2s being supportive, 9s being yielding and non-aggressive, 4s being emotionally touchy and introspective.

People who have a lot of 6, 1, or 3 in their Tritype will come across as having a more androgynous essence; or rather, depending on their gender and personal values, they may come across as either more feminine or more masculine. For instance, 3s will generally try to be an extreme version of their gender; the women are often hyper-feminized, and the men hyper-masculinized in appearance, though the women do retain an ambitious drive and assertiveness that is a bit masculine, and the men’s appearance is rather metrosexual, which is a bit feminine.

So the most masculine tritype would be: 8w7-7w8-3w2 (The Mover & Shaker), followed by 8w7-5w6-3w2 (The Solution Master)

And the most feminine tritype would be: 2wx-9w1-6w5 (The Good Samaritan), followed by 4w3-9w1-6w5 (The Seeker)

And the most androgynous tritype would be: 6wx-1wx-3wx (The Task Master)

The masculine core types: 8w7, 7w8
leaning slightly androgynous: 7w6, 5w6
leaning androgynous: 8w9, 5w4

The feminine core types
leaning slightly androgynous: 2wx, 9w1, 4w3
leaning androgynous: 9w8, 4w5

The androgynous core types
leaning feminine: 1wx, 3wx
leaning masculine:



One comment

  1. Masculine and feminine are also social constructs. Certain types of people will seem more masculine or feminine, according to their tastes and how they act within what is expected of their gender identity. I find the Gender differences an interesting topic and although a person can appear feminine or masculine, they might shape themselves to look a certain way and be accepted as such, if they care about being seen manly or feminine. For example, a straight male may try to fit the Male construct, despite the “Enneagram feminine essence” because he is straight and want to be seen as such. It is also a part of who they are, bringing more ingredients to their Personality Composition.


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