Big 5 Traits Most Predictive of Well-Being, and Enneagram Type Growth

Growth is all about improving ourselves, finding more harmony in our psyche and mind, and conquering our deepest fears and troubles. But which Points in your Growth path are actually the most beneficial when it comes to Life Success?

This article has concluded that the Big 5 traits most conducive to personal Well-Being are (in this order):

Enthusiasm, Low Withdrawal, Industriousness, Compassion, Intellectual Curiosity, Assertiveness, Creative Openness.

The three traits which actually have no significant impact on Well-Being despite the usual claims, were Politeness, Orderliness, Volatility.

This is how the Enneagram Types measure up to each of those traits on average:

Most Enthusiastic: 2, 7

Highest in Withdrawal: 4, 5, 6w5

Most Industrious: 1, 3

Most Compassionate: 2, 9

Most Intellectually curious: 5, 7

Most Assertive: 3, 7, 8

Most Creatively Open: 4, 7

Following the above, it would be the most beneficial to “move” to 1, 2, 3, 7, and to a lesser extent 8 and 9 in a healthy/positive way when you want to “grow”.

Emotionally Reactive 4 and 6 would benefit especially from moving to 1 and 3 because it will lessen their Neuroticism.

4 and 5 are double-edged swords; they both have positive traits like being more creatively open or more intellectually curious, but at the cost of being also high in Withdrawal, which has quite a negative impact on personal Well-Being; that’s how only types who are more Assertive (the opposite of Withdrawn) will be able to benefit from “moving” to them (to an extent; even those types would be advised to primarily focus on the non-Withdrawn aspects of the type; in the case of moving to 5, focus on becoming more intellectually curious).

Taking all of the above into account, people should try to embody more the traits of the following type recommendations in order to increase their Well-Being:

Type 1 – Move to 7 in a positive manner.
Type 2 – Move to 8 in a positive manner.
Type 3 – Move to 9 in a positive manner.
Type 4 – Move to 1 and 2 in a positive manner.
Type 5 – Move to 7 and 8 in a positive manner.
Type 6 – Move to 3 in a positive manner.
Type 7 – Move to 1 in a positive manner.
Type 8 – Move to 2 > 5 in a positive manner.
Type 9 – Move to 3 in a positive manner.

It could also be advised to “move” to the recommended type(s) of your wing, and at the very last the “growth types” of your tritype if it includes a 4, 5, 9, or 6 fix.

For instance, 2w3 (269) would be advised to move to 8 in a positive manner, followed by moving to healthy 9 like a 3, followed by moving to healthy 3 like a 6 and 9.

Which “growth types” to focus on primarily depends on your main issues. As a 2, moving to a healthy 8 could generally be the most helpful, but if your issues are currently mostly anxiety-based (here: 6 fix related), moving to healthy 3 like a 6 might be more helpful (at the moment).

1 moves to 7:
Positive: less critical, more enthusiastic, more optimistic, let go of need to control and gain spontaneity, see the positive rather than what’s wrong, loosen up and have fun.

2 moves to 8:
Positive: feel confidence and power, are more honest and straight-forward rather than flattering, care less about what others think of them

3 moves to 9:
Positive: learn to slow down and be at peace, begin to be more open to receiving others and less focused on self-image

4 moves to 1:
Positive: become disciplined rather than allowing emotions to control their life, learn practicality, get things done, become less negative as a result of emotional level-headedness, use strong principles to take action
4 moves to 2:
Positive: become less self-absorbed, focus on other people’s needs in a healthy way

5 moves to 7:
Positive: lose inhibitions, become more fun and free, experience life more
5 moves to 8:
Positive: get in touch with body and out of their heads, trust their instinct, become spontaneous and assertive, use anger to motivate them rather than shying away from it

6 moves to 3:
Positive: become less indecisive and act to accomplish goals, do not shy away from success due to fear of being targeted

7 moves to 1:
Positive: learn to follow through with their plans, discipline

8 moves to 2:
Positive: become more vulnerable, express their soft side openly, increased concern for others’ needs

8 moves to 5:
Positive: become less immediate and impulsive, lust is tamed for objectivity and consideration before action

9 moves to 3:
Positive: gain energy and productivity, become more focused, gain confidence, live more for themselves rather than through others

Deliberately “moving” to a type is not the same as naturally becoming more like a healthy version of the “real” integration type in the process of growth, but it can be a helpful first step in order to increase your personal Well-Being. Fulfilling the desires and needs of your Instincts (first, and then second instinct) will be especially powerful in increasing your personal Well-Being. If you focus on both “moving” to the type(s) recommended above and work on fulfilling your first and second instinct, nothing can stop you.

P.S: It could be helpful to find healthy and/or successful individuals who are the type you are trying to “move” to, and to emulate their good habits and behaviour.

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