The Instinctual Stackings as Blogs

Everything in our lives can broadly fit into one of the 6 instinctual stackings, made up of the 3 instincts (Social, Sexual, Self-preservation) that drive us all (in varying degrees). This overview familiarizes you with the layout, “vibe”, and composition of certain blogs/brands that “virtually embody” the instinctual stackings.

This overview can possibly aid you in identifying your own instinctual stacking, which will give you the blueprint of what you need to focus on for ultimate happiness.

(If you still struggle with typing your instinctual stacking, book a Get•Typed session with me!)

Take note of which blogs below you have frequented a lot and with pleasure in the past or which ones appeal the most to you and seem to represent your own personal instinctual values the most.

(Warning: Some of the blogs contain overtly sexual themes, marked with #NSFW.)


So/Sx (Social>Sexual)

Overall, most forms of social media originated as So/Sx blogs and have created the mainstream social media landscape, such as Instagram (strong Type 3 influence and taken over by Sx/Sp), Facebook, and TikTok (strong Type 3 and 7 influences). For the sake of this article, the examples below are blogs. Also, it should be noted that the aforementioned platforms contain content suitable to the other stackings as well, so they can’t be used for broad typing purposes (only if one goes by specific Instagram accounts, for example).

  • Buzzfeed (full spectrum)
    • This site is one of the most iconically So/Sx blogs, encompassing the entire spectrum of synflow/mainstream Social (Pop culture, current Mainstream topics such as the U.S election, new popular video games such as “Among Us”, Celebrities etc.), Sexual (Love Quizzes, Sex advice, entertainment), Self-preservation (“Tasty”, playful Food quizzes, Corona coverage). Both Buzzfeed employees and members of the site can contribute with posts and quizzes. Several surveys, comment sections, and reaction buttons encourage interaction.
Buzzfeed homepage about millennials
Buzzfeed News homepage
  • Who’s Dated Who? (classic So/Sx)
    • This blog represents the most classic and “basic” So/Sx focal points with an extra emphasis on the Sexual instinct, intimate relationships. Self-preservation matters are entirely neglected, in favor of the social world and who within it has “dated who”, with the most current celebrities and their relationships “trending”.
Who's Dated Who homepage with celebrities

Sx/Sp (Sexual>Self-preservation)

Overall, the “virtual embodiment” of this stacking can be found in the form of several dating sites, such as, relationship sites, attractive/”sexy” lifestyle blogs, and admittedly also conventional porn sites. For the sake of this article, the focus will be on tame blog examples.

  • Simply Oloni (#NSFW, full spectrum)
    • Typical of Sexual first topics and sites, this blog is geared towards one sex – in this case, women. The primary focus lies on information/advice about dating, relationships, sex, beauty, self-care, fashion. The synflow connection between this stacking and the previous So/Sx one can be seen in the way how a few articles deal with celebrities, culture, and popular/mainstream TV shows about sex.
Simply Oloni homepage about female viagra
  • AskMen (strong Self-preservation focus, moving to Sp/So, full spectrum)
    • Originally a blog designed for women asking men all kinds of dating/sex and relationship questions, this site has moved to a stronger focus on the secondary instinct, Self-preservation, imitating the neighboring Sp/So stacking. Lots of additional articles on products, self-care (“Grooming”, “Fitness”, etc.) (Read here how employing your second instinct more can activate your personal growth.) However, at its core, it remains Sx/Sp, the main topics being Sex, Dating, Relationships and boosting one’s attractiveness through self-care/self-improvement. There’s a few mainstream social themes like in the previous blog, about voting or celebrities, but they are kept to a minimum.
Ask Men Dating page

Sp/So (Self-preservation>Social)

This stacking is usually represented by health, decor, and conventional food/recipe blogs.

  • Healthline (full spectrum)
    • This blog represents the classic themes of Self-preservation (wellness, health, nutrition) and current mainstream societal issues (politics, friendship), the coronavirus being a key current theme – how to deal with it, in terms of how to work around it for your body and physical lifestyle. At the bottom of the list can be found a few articles on romantic relationships, but they are apparently the last of priorities, as it is typical for Sexual last.
Healthline homepage about corona, nutrition


So/Sp (Social>Self-preservation)

Primarily global themes in connection with an awareness of resources, environment, and personal care. Political blogs, Lifestyle blogs.

  • The Wall Street Journal (classic So/Sp)
    • The focus lies on the global market, a term that perfectly encapsulates the So/Sp stacking. Key themes are “World”, “Politics”, “Economy”, “Business”. An awareness of social/political trends is supported by a practical, self-preserving approach. Differently from Sp/So, the main focus isn’t on preserving the self and “pleasant” mainstream topics, but rather on being a part of and opportunistic within the big social network and its machinations (regarding resources). Articles about relationships are almost non-existent; the few that can be found are strongly focused on the financial/security aspect in relationships, barely leaning towards Sp/Sx.
The Wall Street Journal homepage about election 2020 and U.S Retail spending
  • Goop (strong Self-preservation focus, moving to Sp/Sx, full spectrum)
    • At first glance, this blog might fool you as being Self-preservation first, with several articles and items about preserving the self, such as clothing, skincare items. However, at the forefront remains the focus on “celebrity”, Gwyneth Paltrow framing the site with her presence. The vast majority of articles deals with Self-preservation and a global awareness (Social instinct), as the “Travel” section demonstrates. Gwyneth’s picks in the shop also reveal a non-mainstream/contraflow approach to the Sexual instinct, featuring a candle that reads “This Smells Like My Orgasm”, a clear move towards Sp/Sx.
Goop homepage about Gwyneth Paltrow's collection and supercream for body

Sp/Sx (Self-preservation>Sexual)

An eclectic mix of “mockery” sites that make fun of (synflow) Social concerns, “underground” topics/online presentation related to self-preservation and/or sex, such as burlesque and “old-school”/non-mainstream ideas on fitness/nutrition and dating, disregarding or undervaluing the “light” and “global” current social element in favor of the self and intimates. Some obscure and bizarre porn/kinky sites fall under this stacking (at its extreme). For the sake of this blog, slightly tamer blog examples were chosen.

  • The Onion (strong backwards move to So/Sp, “lopsided”)
    • This site can disguise itself as a Social first site, but is ultimately mocking its opposite stacking, the synflow So/Sx, and its mainstream social concerns and preoccupations. Differently from Social first, it does not truly care. In a manner more typical of unhealthy or imbalanced Sp/Sx individuals, this blog is overly focused on its actual Social blindspot. The title itself, “The Onion”, and articles such as “Study Finds 87% Of Chinese Takeout Eaten by Team Of Prosecutors Embroiled In Late-Night Investigation”, refer to its self-preservation roots. It is clearly positioned in the contraflow, openly moving against the mainstream, but in a socially tempered manner.
The Onion homepage about Liberal Man and Chinese Takeout Study
  • Jacq The Stripper (#NSFW, classic Sp/Sx, but also extreme)
    • With quotes such as “Her Love Language is probably Money”, “I dance. Naked. For large (and occasionally insultingly modest) sums of money)”, this blog is on the opposite extreme end of the previous, Social-influenced Sp/Sx blog, basking in provocative “social blindness” without shame in her monetary Self-preservation pursuits. Risky, non-mainstream and “uncensored” book titles (too scandalous to share here!), as well as pictures of her body with money attached to it: Jacq represents the unbridled, contraflow Social blindspot of a highly sexualized Sp/Sx individual that doesn’t give a damn about social repercussions or the “mainstream”.
Jacq the Stripper blog

Sx/So (Sexual>Social)

Sites range from social/global news with a “sparkling”, challenging and revolutionary bent, up to highly sexualized and erotic content that fights against the status quo in regards to conventional/mainstream ideas about relationships and sex, attempting to engage in or create a sexual-social dialogue.

  • Slutever (#NSFW, classic Sx/So)
    • Connected to Vice, this blog is obviously Sexual>Social (and geared towards women), dealing with sexuality and relationships both in the personal and social sphere (themes/stereotypes in media). Also challenging the social status quo with an inappropriate title, including the word “slut”. Clear contraflow.
Slutever blog about love in quarantine and bad girl heroines
  • Vice (strong Social focus, but full spectrum)
    • Vice is known for its disruptive, critical, revolutionary/”spicy” viewpoint on social matters, including non-mainstream topics such as “Drugs”. The site is strongly Social instinct focused, appealing to their neighboring So/Sp stacking, with articles such as “We Are Collectively Losing Touch With Reality and It’s Extremely Obvious”. (Read here how employing your second instinct more can activate your personal growth.) Dating articles include socially relevant themes, there’s some food related articles as well.
Vice homepage about Collectively losing touch with reality

How To Type Your Instinctual Stacking (based on the above)

Be aware that you might occasionally focus on certain pastimes and blogs as an attempt to “fix” your blindspot. For example an So/Sx individual might peruse Sp/So blogs and topics for a certain Self-preservation issue, or an Sp/Sx individual does the same with So/Sp blogs during voting times.

Or you may simply be also interested in blogs that pertain to your second instinct. For example you are an So/Sx person who may look at Sx/Sp relationship advice from time to time, or vice versa, you are an Sx/Sp person who finds some dating news by So/Sx interesting.

But overall, “your” stacking will be found in the kind of blog that meets all your instinctual needs with the right amount, without any feeling of stress or boredom or repulsion or lack associated with it.

Besides your own stacking, you’ll feel the most “at home” with blogs in the same flow as you (followed by the same last instinct): So/Sx, Sx/Sp, Sp/So in one world/flow and Sx/So, So/Sp, Sp/Sx in the other. Your opposite stacking (same second instinct, opposite first and last) should be your least favorite blog.

If you are Sx/So, your favorite blogs should be: Sx/So > Sp/Sx, So/Sx > So/Sp; and Sp/So should be your least favorite.

If you are So/Sx, your favorite blogs should be: So/Sx > Sx/Sp, Sx/So > Sp/So; and Sp/Sx should be your least favorite.

If you are Sx/Sp, your favorite blogs should be: Sx/Sp > So/Sx, Sp/Sx > Sp/So; and So/Sp should be your least favorite.

If you are Sp/Sx, your favorite blogs should be: Sp/Sx > So/Sp, Sx/Sp > Sx/So; and So/Sx should be your least favorite.

If you are So/Sp, your favorite blogs should be: So/Sp > Sx/So, Sp/So > Sp/Sx; and Sx/Sp should be your least favorite.

If you are Sp/So, your favorite blogs should be: Sp/So > Sx/Sp, So/Sp > So/Sx; and Sx/So should be your least favorite.

Note 1: The examples above are primarily 3 fix/influenced by Type 3, because most people people in the world have a 3 fix. If you have a weak connection to Type 3 or not a 3 fix, you won’t find the blogs as interesting or compelling overall. Nevertheless, based on your instinctual stacking, you should still be able to determine which blogs are more instinctually relatable.

Note 2: Some of the examples above show extremes, especially in the case of Sp/Sx and Sx/So. You may not relate to both extreme examples, but you should still find at least one blog somewhat relatable.

Let me know what you thought of these blogs and which ones you can relate to the most. 🙂 And please share, if you found it enlightening and useful.


    • Thank you, glad to hear that!

      I’d say that’s an Sp/Sx blog right there. It’s actually a great example of a more “full range” Sp/Sx blog! I’ll consider mentioning it in the original post.

      I’d also type Roosh himself as Sp/Sx 6.


      • That’s interesting, thanks for checking it out.

        According to the article (reading wsj, FT and Roosh) I could be sp/sx and my least favourite type should so/sx which I’m assuming is this blog and your videos but I still think they’re pretty interesting is there any reason for this ?

        Liked by 1 person

      • Sometimes we can find certain blogs or videos interesting when they meet our personal interests. You are already interested in personality type theory and my blog is pretty Sx-friendly, there’s several articles on romantic compatibility for example. Some of my stuff is leaning towards the neighboring Sx/Sp stacking. (Compare that to my blog, which is more So/Sx). So those things will be interesting to you, because they suit your second instinct.

        But when it comes to actual instinctual values, then So/Sx would clash with Sp/Sx as a whole, especially when it comes to discussions around the Social and Self-preservation instincts.

        So my point is, just because you like my stuff (or a few other So/Sx things) does not mean you cannot be Sp/Sx. I’d really look at how you relate to the So/Sx blogs I mentioned in this article, because they are very much and “purely” So/Sx, so a regular Sp/Sx person would find those blogs annoying, boring, or even repulsive – or simply a turn off. If that’s not the case, it’s possible you are actually Sx/Sp.


      • The relationship aspect is interesting, but i’d say its more so how understanding the types and functions could be used for self improvement.

        It might be because I’m a guy but the buzzfeed and the who dated who website seemed redundant it’s not repulsive but it is boring, the onion, goop and wsj seemed most interesting. Would that mean you find the sp/sx repulsive/boring? even the onion lmao. I will look into that though, I’m asking a lot of questions too, but is it possible for an NT type to be sx/sp ?

        Liked by 1 person

      • Yes that would suggest you are most likely one of the contraflow stackings (Sp/Sx being a good possibility). 🙂 NT types can be every stacking, except for maybe Sp/So (ime).

        Yeah, personally the Sp/Sx blogs tend to rub me the wrong way, especially when it comes to their interpretation of social topics. I don’t hate them but I would definitely put them at the bottom alongside the So/Sp blogs.

        Regarding the So/Sx examples, I’ll try to see and check how So/Sx guys react to it haha, maybe I’d have to include a more male-centric example.


  1. I don’t think this captures 3 very well. 3’s can be involved in many different fields, and the blogs they follow are likely going to be heavily focused toward whatever has a good reputation, the “right” ones, according to whatever community they are involved in. Whatever that is, they mold their own personal interests to it, or at least they really try to.

    Take Buzzfeed for instance. Buzzfeed is looked down on in a lot of communities for being clickbait. Someone who is a 3 in those communities is not likely to go on Buzzfeed — or at least to admit to it. They might take the quizzes in incognito mode and tell no one. Other communities will fixate on how successful the site is. There’s an advice column letter called “I Hate Myself Because I Don’t Work for Buzzfeed.” It is one of the most 3 documents ever produced by mankind. And of course other communities won’t really feel any particular type of way about it.

    Goop is another good example. Depending on your interests it is either a whole aspirational status-symbol emporium, or cringeworthy, precious, overly expensive woo. A 3 might really throw herself into that whole lifestyle or not be caught dead anywhere near it, depending on what her definition of success is.

    As you can probably tell from this comment, I’m a 3.


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