Archetype: The Rapper


The Rapper is the young man who came from a broken home, and has been gifted with higher linguistic and musical intelligence, which enabled him to influence people to the point of reaching some amount of fame with his clever lyrics and rapping style.

As already mentioned, the Rapper typically has had a rough childhood (in the Ghetto): divorced parents, drug abuse, crime, poverty, suicide attempts etc. Despite all the hardship, the Rapper pulled through and was determined to make a name of himself and pursue his passion.

The Rapper often times has a very contrarian and controversial stance towards society and certain members in it, and doesn’t shy away from openly and harshly criticizing their flaws in his songs. However, some individuals of this archetype do focus less on society, and rather on interpersonal and sexual relationships, as well as status symbols and riches. In both cases, the Rapper can be highly or aggressively sexual in both his words and imagery if he wants to be. Needless to say, profanity and foul words are a significant part of his verbal repertoire, and usually need to be censored for the public.

His clothing is distinctly loose-fitted, oversized and casual with a certain athletic flair, reminiscent of rebellious skateboard kids. Some individuals wear gaudy gold jewellery as a nod to consumer culture and neon colours, many are heavily tattooed and wear baseball caps.

The typological profile of The Rapper is:

Socionics: ESI-Se > SEE
Tritype: 683, The Justice Fighter (with Counterphobic 6w7 as the Core type)
Instinctual Stacking: Sx/So or Sx/Sp

Not all people who fit the above profile will become a Rapper, but with enough talent and hard work, they most likely will become such. Also, there can be variations in terms of MBTI or Socionics type.

Examples: Eminem, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Drake, 50 Cent

Most Rappers are male (and black), hence this article focused on the male kind, though in the most recent years, the female equivalent to originally stereotypically male Archetypes has been brought into the spotlight. Nicki Minaj would be an example of the female version of the archetype. At last, some individuals adopt a Rapper look or persona, like Justin Bieber, whose personality profile is quite similar to the Rapper’s.

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