The Entrepreneur (Extroverted Thinking + Intuition)


The Entrepreneur is characterized by a drive and great ability to extract the most use, gain and logical information out of each situation. They are enterprising and influential in the area of their choosing, often attaining a CEO or lead position in the fields of business, commerce, data analysis, and the sciences, occasionally in political or social sciences. Their aim and competency lie in not wasting time in vain and gathering as much useful information as they can. That is why they are typically well-researched, well-calculated (like The Strategist) and well-informed on a wide range of topics; the scope of their knowledge is very wide, but only in-depth in those areas they have personal interest in.

The Entrepreneur makes use of their knowledge to create a better future for themselves and often others as well; this is how they can be quite innovative. They are adept at foreseeing possible pitfalls and evaluate risk and benefit accordingly, so they tend to avoid life-threatening mistakes or long-term impulsivity, like The Strategist. Even so, they are occasionally tempted to over-invest (their time, effort, and/or money) in whatever they deem to be a profitable or useful endeavor, which may occasionally lead them to spending more than a frugal person, like The Strategist, would find appropriate. Even so, the Entrepreneur rarely if at all struggles with debts, money or career problems for too long; it is common for the Entrepreneur to at least gain an Upper Middle Class status in life, and the richest people on the planet are overwhelmingly of this type.

The Entrepreneur’s ambition, knowledge, and competence often garner them respect from others, though in their youth they may be overlooked amongst more ”hands-on“ individuals. Some young Entrepreneurs feel the need to ”prove themselves“ – then they may engage in aggressive and impulsive behavior for a few moments, though those are generally short-lived.

The Entrepreneur has the ability to come across as a light-hearted and warm individual for limited periods of time. Their emotionality is mainly a way to make human interactions more smooth and to be seen as a well-adapted and socialized individual. Once respect and attention have been established, the Entrepreneur moves on to a matter-of-fact style of communication, focusing on communicating what they know and would like to implement in the future.

The Entrepreneur can have troubles with being a workaholic, unable to relax, smell the roses, and take care of their health or physical well-being and equilibrium, opposite to The Bonvivant. In their mind, there is always something better to do than to worry about those matters. Unknowingly, they can carry within them a lot of tension. Many Entrepreneurs are reluctant about going to a doctor or health-practitioner, seeing little ailments as of little consequence. As long as they are breathing and moving, they are fine! – so they think.

The Entrepreneur admires people with sound ethical principles, who can be proactive or ”unbending“ during critical moments, and who have a good eye for aesthetics, like The Aesthete. The Entrepreneur appreciates someone giving him advice on which endeavors are of actual moral value. They benefit from someone showing them how certain individuals are not worth their time.

The Ego of the Entrepreneur:

  1. Extroverted Thinking (Te)
  2. Introverted Intuition (Ni)

The Super-Id: Extroverted Sensing (Se), Introverted Feeling (Fi)

The weakest: Introverted Feeling (Fi), Introverted Sensing (Si)

The strongest: Extroverted Thinking (Te), Extroverted Intuition (Ne)

Correlations: ENTJ (MBTI), LIE (Socionics)

There are 3 specific subtype variations of the Entrepreneur.

Those variations can be grouped into Te (Extroverted Thinking) subtype and Ni (Introverted Intuition) subtype.

Te subtype Entrepreneurs share one or several of those traits:
Stereotypically extroverted; more impulsive and practical; more invested in science and/or technical/mathematical subjects; more into sports.

Ni subtype Entrepreneurs share one or several of those traits:
”Ambiverted” (can be mistaken for an introvert); more focused on societal issues and the welfare of society; more innovative; more interested in psychology and spirituality.

An Entrepreneur who falls into both categories more or less is mostly likely the No subtype kind.

Besides the above, other (Enneagram) variations are:
More ambitious and status oriented (Type 3); more vigilant and/or intellectual (Type 6); more dominant and gutsy/bossy (Type 8); more principled and perfectionistic (Type 1).

Most compatible: The Aesthete, The Entrepreneur, The Strategist, (Coming soon)

Least compatible: The Bonvivant

Note: Of course there are entrepreneurs who possess a different personality type, so please do not assume that all entrepreneurs in the world fit this personality type! I call the Extroverted Thinking + Intuition personality type “The Entrepreneur” not only because they are usually entrepreneurial, but also because this personality structure personifies the archetype the best.

Last update: 27-08-2020

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