The Most Common Instinctual Stackings for each MBTI Type

The following instinctual stacking – MBTI correlations are based on my typings of celebrities, as well as people in “real life”.

INTP: Sp/Sx, So/Sp, Sx/Sp
ENTP: Sx/Sp, So/Sx, Sx/So

ISFJ: So/Sx, Sp/Sx, Sp/So, So/Sp
ESFJ: So/Sx, So/Sp, Sp/So, Sx/Sp

INFJ: Sx/Sp, Sp/Sx, So/Sx
ENFJ: Sx/So, Sx/Sp, So/Sx

ISTP: Sp/Sx, Sx/Sp
ESTP: Sx/Sp, Sx/So

INTJ: Sp/Sx, Sx/So, So/Sp
ENTJ: Sx/So, So/Sp

ISFP: Sp/Sx, Sx/Sp, So/Sx, Sx/So
ESFP: So/Sp, Sx/Sp, So/Sx, Sx/So

INFP: So/Sx, Sp/Sx, So/Sp, Sx/So
ENFP: Sx/So, Sx/Sp, So/Sx, Sp/Sx

ISTJ: Sp/Sx, Sp/So, So/Sp
ESTJ: Sp/So, Sp/Sx, So/Sp


  1. Being an INTJ, my eyes are immediately drawn to that. I don’t see how ‘So’ can be first for the solitary INTJ since we have little regard for community-mindedness, social status, belongingness, etc. Care to explain?


    • It might not make much sense at first, but then there are INTJs like Stephen Hawking who are So/Sp. Those INTJs may not outwardly show that they care for social status, and in some way they don’t. It depends a lot on what kind of Enneagram type someone has, too. Stephen Hawking is a Type 5w6, which is generally not stereotypically all about fame and fortune (this is rather an So/Sp Type 3 concern). However, So/Sp 5s yearn to have an impact on the world through their knowledge and expertise. Another likely example of an So/Sp 5w6 (or possibly 6w5 with a strong 5 wing) would be John Nash in “A Beautiful Mind”. Winning a Nobel Prize is usually a desirable goal of Social first individuals, esp. those that are So/Sp.

      I am assuming you are Sp/Sx yourself, which seems to be the most common stacking for INTJ. And yes, Sp/Sx fits the stereotype of the solitary INTJ better. But this does not mean the So/Sp kind does not exist. The So/Sp INTJ is mostly found among scholars/college professors, astrophysicists, philosophers, and CEOs.

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  2. INTJ and sp blind just seem really…surreal. It doesn’t actually even make any sense to me tbh. Then again, I’m sx/sp INTJ and if those variants really are common, then it’s kinda depressing. I really want to find more people to relate to and that doesn’t help x’D


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