The Coach (ENFJ + EIE)


Overview (Extroverted Feeling + Intuition)

The Coach is a person who invigorates, directs, and leads others to better pastures with their emotional direction, ingenuous ideas and novel takes on various phenomena. They are in tune with the emotional atmosphere in any human interaction they find themselves in, and skillfully alter their own and other people’s emotional state and expressiveness to what they deem appropriate based on the external standards, assuming the other person is receptive enough to them.

They typically have deep insights, which they like to share with others to inspire them in order to reach more clarity about their inner self or to take action for the future. The Coach is often found in any work or activity that involves or affects larger groups of people, though some Coaches prefer to focus their energy on certain individuals. They are commonly political activists, coaches, mentors and teachers of any kind, and actors.

External Focus & Behaviour (Fe)

The Coach tends to run on a higher emotional charge with a wide smile on their face, especially when they are around other people, though some individuals are energetically less intense and more laid-back, but with a hint of visible emotional energy nonetheless. Either way, the emotional atmosphere has a strong impression on them and they like to impress it back. The Coach enjoys gaiety and loud laughter, and can be quite apt at eliciting that from other people during joyful celebrations and similar.

But first and foremost, the Coach is focused on setting the right emotional atmosphere based on the situation at hand, may it be serious and focused, or even somber, and they will make sure that most people in the interaction are part of the shared atmosphere – if they refuse, the Coach and/or the resisting person will feel ill at ease. Even though the Coach is generally charismatic and humorous, they can be surprisingly and painfully shy when it comes to initiating and sustaining romantic bonds, and need clear and consistent signs from the other person that they are being wanted.

Strong Intuition

The Coach is typically quite perceptive about other people’s inner psychology and likes to give them advice on matters pertaining to it, or at least support its welfare. They have a good take on someone’s abilities and capabilities, and like to support anyone to develop those and reach their full potential. They also have a good sense of their own self, in an abstract manner. The Coach likes to observe whatever has happened in the past, and how it will paint the future, like The Strategist. They are concerned with them and their loved ones not repeating any mistakes or getting into any serious danger.

Aim at Sensing (Se)

The Coach typically attempts to gain some kind of influence or power in social situations, or to have their hand on the pulse of it, but they can fall short of doing so. They admire people who are unwavering and cannot be broken down by hardship. They can struggle with this; without support from others, they can dwindle quickly. Being connected with others brings out their strengths; without them, they can fall apart rather easily.

The Coach tends to have a personality that is not sufficiently tightly knit together; emotionally, it doesn’t take much for the threads to loosen, and for them to lose themselves. Despite this tendency, they are adept at keeping up the appearance of a well-adapted, bright individual, and most people would never guess that the Coach has personal issues. The Coach can be a great actor in everyday and fictional life.

Weak Thinking

The Coach will feel pressured to be hardworking, efficient, and widely knowledgable like The Entrepreneur, for it correlates with coming across as a well-adapted individual, though on a personal level, this can be exhausting for them and they don’t truly value those traits in themselves.

Introverted Thinking Valuing (Ti)

The Coach is more interested in the deeper inner workings of systems and structures, and not so much their objective properties. They respect principles, but will at the same time be skeptical of too many generalizations. The Coach isn’t confident about their own logical abilities, and rather focuses on humanitarian pastimes and areas of thought. Often, Coaches are drawn to individuals they perceive to be intelligent and mentally sharp.

Weak Sensing

The Coach is oblivious to creating physical comfort for themselves or others. They have the tendency to exhaust and overwork or overexert themselves and are usually out of touch with their body and internal physical sensations. Whenever they engage in anything physical, it will be of a more vigorous, less relaxing nature; or they won’t engage in it much at all. However, Coaches can and often do get interested in extreme exercise regimes and sports, or regular weightlifting.


The Ego of the Coach

  1. Extroverted Feeling (Fe)
  2. Introverted Intuition (Ni)

The Super-Id (valued but weak)

The weakest Functions:

The strongest Functions:


ENFJ (MBTI), EIE (Socionics)


There are 3 specific subtype variations of the Coach.

Those variations can be grouped into Fe (Extroverted Feeling) subtype and Ni (Introverted Intuition) subtype.

Fe Subtype (Classic Extrovert)

Fe subtype Coaches share most of those traits:

  • Stereotypically extroverted
  • more impulsive and emotionally erratic
  • more invested in social subjects and entertainment
  • more into sports and cars
  • dresses in brighter colors, more stylish

Can be mistaken for ESFJ / ESE.

Ni Subtype (Introverted Extrovert / “Ambiverted”)

Ni subtype Coaches share most of those traits:

  • ”Ambiverted” (can be mistaken for an introvert)
  • more focused on intellectual/academic pursuits (e.g university)
  • more interested in psychology
  • dresses in darker colors, more minimalistic

Can be mistaken for INFJ, INTJ, ENTJ / IEI, ILI, LIE.

Note: Don’t mistake Jungian “ambiversion” with asociable Enneagram instinctual stackings, like Sx/Sp and Sp/Sx. If you are an extrovert with one of those stackings, you’ll come across as “ambiverted”, even if you don’t have that subtype!

No Subtype (Standard Type)

A Coach who falls into both categories more or less is mostly likely the No subtype kind.

Enneagram Types

  • More motherly and image-conscious (Type 2)
  • more vigilant and/or “head-y”/intellectual (Type 6)
  • more principled and moralistic (Type 1).

If you are not a Type 2, 6, nor 1, then you are most likely not The Coach. But make sure you are correctly typed. You can book a Get•Typed session here.

Type Compatibility

Most compatible:

Least compatible: (Coming soon)

Coach Celebrities: Click here

Note: Of course there are coaches who possess a different personality type, so please do not assume that all coaches in the world fit this personality type! I call the Extroverted Feeling + Intuition personality type “The Coach” not only because they are usually coaching, but also because this personality structure personifies the archetype the best.

Last update: 06-11-2020

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