Enneagram (Main) Type & MBTI Correlations

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This MBTI/Enneagram overview is based on my typings of celebrities and other people in real life, as well as my understanding of the Enneagram and Jungian types’ traits, and how they interact.

Note: Fictional characters may have main types which cannot be found amongst “real” people “in real life”, and hence are not part of this overview.

Read this for more info about the 9 Enneagram types specifically.

Read this for differentiating common MBTI mistypes.

List of MBTI Types

INFJ: 9w1, 4w5

ENFJ: 2w1, 2w3

INFP: 4w5, 9w1

ENFP: 3w4, 3w2, 7w6

INTJ1w9, 5w4, 5w6, (1w2)

ENTJ: 8w7, 8w9, 3w2, 3w4

INTP: 5w6, 5w4

ENTP: 7w6, (7w8)

ISFP: 9w8, 4w3, 4w5, 6w7

ESFP: 3w2, 3w4, 7w6, 6w7, (7w8)

ESTP: 7w6, 7w8, 8w7, 8w9, 6w7, (6w5)

ISTP: 6w5, 6w7

ESFJ: 2w3, 2w1

ISFJ: 9w1

ESTJ: 8w9, 8w7, 3w2, 3w4

ISTJ: 1w2, 9w8, (1w9)

List of Enneagram Types

1w9: INTJ, (ISTJ)

1w2: ISTJ, (INTJ)

2w1: ENFJ-Ni, ESFJ

2w3: ESFJ, ENFJ(-Fe)



4w3: ISFP




6w5: ISTP, (ESTP-Ti)



7w8: ESTP, (ESFP-Se, ENTP-Ti)


8w9: ESTJ-Si, ENTJ-Ni, ESTP-Ti




  • Type 1: Characterised by externalised rules and personal ideals of morality, goes best with Te second and Fi third = IxTJ 
  • Type 2: Fe first function = ExFJ
  • Type 3: Characterised by Extroversion, always on the lookout for what is considered successful in the external world. Tied to aspiring to Te goals, efficiency etc. Te valuing extroverts = ExFP and ExTJ
  • Type 4: Characterised by Introversion, specifically own personal feelings and ideals (Fi). Also has a mystical quality, desire to be and experiencing unique identity, ties into some Ni (either strong or valued) = mostly IxFP, followed by INFJ
  • Type 5: Strong Ti and introvert is clear, but also weak ties to external (sensorial) reality, hence the need to find security in the (abstract) mind, disconnected from the physical. Hence intuitive = mostly INTP, followed by INTJ
  • Type 6: Mostly weak and unvalued Ne. Hence the negative obsession and fear with worst case scenarios. Most 6s are also Ti  lead, goes along with the “overthinking” aspect = mostly ISTP, followed by other xSxP
  • Type 7: Ne and also Se. Basically an extrovert that goes with extroverted perception first – experience above it all, little judgment or discernment = ExxP
  • Type 8: Can be Se first, but typically it’s Te first – a desire to control and organize their environments, but with weak ties to their internal morality (T type), hence they typically come across as abrasive in that sense. Also oriented towards reality, so either S type or Se valuing = mostly ExTJ, followed by ESTP
  • Type 9: Generally introversion and Feeling, too concerned with human harmonies and seeking for identity. Si first might be the case even with T, because typically an overemphasis on personal comfort = mostly IxFx, followed by ISTJ


• For example, ENFJ-Ni means an ENFJ with stronger, more favoured Ni than in the case of an average ENFJ. ENFJ-Ni, ENTJ-Ni, ISTJ-Te, INTJ-Te, etc. usually feel as if they were “ambiverted”.

• Type combinations in brackets are more rare or rather unlikely to exist.

LAST UPDATE: October 2022


      • Hey, so I’m an INTJ 8w7. I’m pretty sure I’m an INTJ and I’m pretty sure I’m an 8w7. How did you come up with this theory? I understand that there may be some correlation between mbti and the enneagram but sometimes things aren’t as cut and dry. I also have a friend who is an INTJ 3w2. What are your thoughts on this?


      • I used to be quite open to the idea that certain introverted types might be Core 8s, but in the course of my typings and observations and delving more deeply into the theory, it emerged to me that 8s are quintessentially extroverts that impose themselves on their environment, which usually requires both strong Te and to some extent Se. (A similar dynamic exists for 3, another “extrovert” type through and through, for their first view is externalized, outside of themselves, which is a classic trait of Jungian extroversion. https://typevolution.com/2018/07/26/jungian-extroversion-introversion/) An INTJ, who has weak Se and whose first function is introverted, does not seem to fit that trait.

        However, I might be convinced of an alternative in a typing session. If someone emerged to score high as both Ni-Te ego, as well as 8 (or 3), I might be convinced. But I won’t change my view based on anecdotal evidence. Also, our definitions or understanding of the “INTJ” personality (or enneagram 8 and 3) could be significantly different. For example, you might think being afraid of vulnerability is the main marker of 8, whereas it could just be a sign of an avoidant attachment style. So in your model, INTJ 8 is possible. But for me, the “Strategist” is most likely not able to be an 8. I’d recommend you to check out my Entrepreneur and System Builder descriptions, there is a high chance you might actually fit one of those better. Once again, this is ultimately my interpretation of the Jungian types. You can reread the Strategist description and ask yourself, does this suit the archetype of 8 well? Or does it rather fit different types. https://typevolution.com/2019/03/10/overview-enneagram-types/


      • Hey, just wanted to say that you were right. I mistyped myself but I now know that I’m an ESTP 8w7. I was way off! Thank you for your help! My full type is actually ESTP 8w7 sx/so 873 SLE. I couldn’t have been more far off the mark.


  1. I’ve taken Enneagram and MBTI online tests. The results were interesting, to say the least:

    Enneagram – 4w5 98% (taken once)

    MBTI – ISTP, INFP, INTP with ISTP dominant

    How does this fit together?


    • If the Enneagram result and one of the MBTI results is correct, then from those three types, you’d have to be INFP (with stronger Ti than average).


  2. Hi I’m an infp 549 and I very strongly relate to type 5. But I’ve heard a lot of people saying that’s not possible, are there any other infp 5w4s here?


  3. I’m an ISTJ and a 5. I once took a test to rank my cognitive functions and got Si Fi Ti Te Ni Ne Fe Se (Fe and Se were basically nonexistent).

    I believe I’m a 5w4 rather than a 5w6. Does this seem likely based on your expertise?


  4. I’m ENTP and I’m 5w4. Before studying enneagram I was (never completely) convinced to be INTP, but I have really high energy level (I talk very loud and too much) and Fe couldn’t be my inferior.

    My whole life is about understanding myself (because I have always noticed differences compared to others and contradictions within myself) and “the world” as a system of systems (I studyied physics, now I started with biology and I study psychology and other stuff by myself, figuring out connections between disciplines). I consider social life almost a “waste of time”, I don’t enjoy groups, I never feel to belong: I have always had issues because I don’t know the topics other people talk about and my viewpoints are often inappropriate because too complex and deep, it often takes me longtime to create an opinion over something I hear about (if I don’t have enough information to understand I simply don’t have one) and I’m not at ease talking about my preferences, tastes and ethics themes, due to weak Fi (being a girl doesn’t help: it’s difficult dealing with other girls). I prefer spending my energy in close relationships/friendships that inspire me, but I forget to look for my friends (I have lots, I create easily deep connections) because I feel like I don’t have enough time (and I think my instincts are Sx/Sp, So is my blindspot: I don’t mind about reputation and stuff related to it).

    I’m not at all a novelty seeker (as a 7 should be). I don’t jump into things and projects: I (over)think about what and how much those require me. I spend my life “preparing to live”, improving my skills. (And noticing whatever doesn’t work within systems, dreaming to make a change). I don’t like having a lot of things to do, I need a lot of time for myself. And I can spend hours on a single activity (hyperfocus) without getting bored.

    A friend of mine is INTJ and we share a lot of patterns and “motivations”. Now I’m dating an INTP and we are very similar except for energy level, and maybe another ENTP I know seems to be a 5. So, I’m pretty sure to be ENTP 5w4.


    • Thanks for sharing your experience. I can see why you’d think ENTP 5 makes most sense to you. If that helps your understanding of yourself and improves your life, then there might be something to it.

      There are a few things that stood out to me, that I could relate to as a “social” introvert (INFJ Social instinct first), like needing time to arrive at a certain conclusion, not being at ease talking about my preferences, forgetting to look after my friends, needing a lot of time for myself etc. All those things are more typical of introversion (and possibly avoidant attachment/Fe valuing), which you seem to attribute to 5ness.

      But surely that’s at odds with what you called “high energy” and talking a lot, which can look like extroversion. That point reminded me of Mayim Bialik, who I type as INTP with Ne subtype (could be a strong subtype). She can talk fast and loud enough for certain videos, but in other moments her lower energy is much more apparent. For that personality type, the weakest function is actually Se and not Fe. It’s typical of that kind of subtype to appear like an extrovert around others, but actually still requires a good deal of alone time regularly to “recharge” their energy.

      So these are my thoughts. Like I said, if your self-typing works for you, then that’s good. But I have to say, I cannot change my theory or blog posts based on self-typings without being able to observe the person myself.


  5. Hi Olimpia!
    I like very much of your site and YouTube channels. The description of ISFJ (my type) is the best that I read. The other ISFJ descriptions are always the nurse thing and I am a Bonvivant 🙂
    I am an ISFJ-Fe 6w7. But I have doubt if I am a Sx/Sp or Sp/Sx. Which is the difference between an ISFJ-FE 6w7 Sx/Sp and an ISFJ-Fe 6w7 Sp/Sx?


  6. Yes. And the two types that I have more doubt are the Aesthete and Bonvivant. But I think that Bonvivant matches more. Because of the purpose of Bonvivant and because I don’t have this stylish thing. I am very simple and normal in my style although I project this ( I like in general of stylish and alt women). Other thing os that I don’t see strong Fi or Ni on me. I am more of harmony and agreeing with others or mimetize to conquest (maybe a manipulative Fe with Sx dominant). I don’t have strong values of life like a Fi dominant. And I have more Ne than Ni (Is very difficult for me this things of ser my future, my purpose, and this is always changing). But unhealthy Ne (very anxious , always seeing the worsts scenarios).


  7. Okay, so I’m a ISFJ and a 4 (more specifically, with a 5 wing). And I know these with a certainty that I know my own name. I have been over and over them, and I couldn’t be more convinced. Yet I CANNOT find anything online about ISFJ 4’s. I see that for a 4w5 you’ve listed IFSP, but I would argue that my J is due to a healthy 4 moving towards a 1. I can’t speak to the functions because I still get confused by them.
    This plays out in a few ways in my life. Yes, I’m a 4 – I spend a good amount of time in my emotions and I like to be unique.
    But I have to have routines and bedtimes and daily schedules for myself, otherwise I would never get anything done. But as for the creative side, I give myself permission to not follow my schedule if I have a creative idea I want to jump on, or if I’m so emotional I need to sit with it for awhile.
    I can even point to fiction for this. Look at Friends. I’m what you would get if Phoebe and Monica were the same person.
    On the other hand, I may just be the rarest person on the planet. 😛


  8. Hi, Olimpia! I have a question about enneagram 2 in your article. You included only ENFJ and ESFJ in enneagram 2. And what about ISFP and ISFJ types? I actually thought that as The Caregiver archetype ISFJ would feet perfectly in enneagram 2 The Helper role. Could you please explain your logic behind only ENFJ and ESFJ types in enneagram 2 group? Thank you


    • Type 2 usually has a very extroverted outlook and behavior, primarily concerned with the external emotional world and how it interacts with their image/presentation as a helpful person, which is their method of gaining “love”. It’s true that “Caregiver” sounds quite 2-related. I see them as all having a 2 fix. I might have to change the title at some point though, I’ll consider that. I am somewhat open to the idea that maybe ISFJ and INFJ could possibly be 2s because of their secondary Fe, but so far it has not been confirmed. ISFP being Fi lead is pretty much out for me.


  9. Hello Olimpia, I commented a while back saying I was an INTJ 8 and boy was I wrong. I was actually mistyped an while I am an 8, I am in fact an ESTP. My full type being: ESTP 8w7 sx/so 873 SLE. After learning about Se and it’s relation to enneagram 8, and some advice from a friend, as well as a healthy dose of introspection, I’m now 100% sure of my type. Thank you for your blog, it’s been immensely helpful.


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